Who We Are

We Create Something New

Kidzee Omr Play school are a chain of high-end preparatory faculties catering to preschoolers and providing day care and when school services. Play school ar set up by founding Years – A multi platform education services organization. Play the simplest Play school in india caters to an age group of 1-10 years.

folks select our school attributable to the high quality of teaching, education, infrastructure and resources that we offer – sanctioning our kids to cope and reach the 21st century. They also select Play as a result of we ar the simplest Play school in india and believe that the varsity may be a community of parents and that they even have a say in however their youngsters ar educated and cared for.

The School Building

The School Building has been aesthetically planned, well aerated with cheerful and bright school rooms. each room may be a workshop in itself and is well equipped with state of the art facilities, and the acceptable teachings aids like toys, puzzles, books to satisfy the child’s seek learning and additional challenge their logical and analytical ability, creating them even additional inquisitive.

Kidzee Omr

Parent’s First Choice Preschool!

Play school may be a trusted early childhood education provider whose mission is to support the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers round the world, to help them reach their full learning potential in a very safe, foremost nurturing surroundings.

It is our vision to impart the best quality of education, that is over impartation knowledge, it’s about encouraging students to do significant things through fun filled activities, keeping in mind that each student is special and unique. Our goal is to provide highly researched and much sound learning methodology and an setting that is meant to stimulate learning and development.

At Kidzee Omr, we are committed to the best standards of ethics and integrity. we provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, for holistic education and care of our kids. Further, we encourage parental involvement at our preschools and are centered towards the communities we serve.


Best Services for Kids

Indoor and outdoor play areas

Sand Pit

Stage for music and movement

Themed classrooms

Montessori space

Creative corner

Early Learning Program (ELP) room

Reading corner

Neat and child-safe pantry


Best Skilled Teacher

The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of Play school area unit key to its success. they're greatly valued and honored. They play a awfully important role within the lives of each kid who experiences Kidzee Omr Play school .

Irrespective of the qualifications that previous and new teaching and body staff induce board, it's mandatory for all to bear the in-house coaching at the Play faculty Head workplace, at the beginning of the academic year. different developmental opportunities, trainings and workshops are organized for the staff during the year. Non-teaching staff are trained and supervised by the centre co-ordinators and heads. All staff are frequently driven, appreciated and rewarded to place within their best in the made, stimulating and gratifying work environment at Play school .

Padur Branch

Plot no-6 , Annai Terasa Street, Kazhipattur,

OMR , Chennai -603103

Kelambakkam Branch

Plot No 2/24, Suseela Nagar Omr,

Kelambakkam, Chennai - 603103


Monday – Friday

8.00 am – 5.00 pm


+91 87546 70166

+91 96001 16644